This site has been dead too long…

Photographically, the last at least year and half were not that great for me. I have a huge backlog in my Lightroom catalogue and sometimes it feels like I only buy new gear to fill the void of my growing restlessness over my photographic stagnation. So the time has come to turn things around. Tidy up the catalogue, update the website and most importantly, as part of photo therapy, turn the news section of my website into a blog. Although nobody really reads it, it would be nice to sort out some thoughts.

In any case, here are some straight out of camera images from the last vacation. I am hopeful, the edits will follow soon, just like some more rants of mine on various photography related topics I’ve had in mind for some time now.

So, to all of you, may your 2018 be fruitful and bring you the pictures you’d only carried in your head before.

New External Gallery posted

After a long time with no new update, it is my pleasure to present to you the results of our latest photoshoot with the lovely Nik. A few words about how it came to be. In my apartment, there is a semi transparent glass wall partition between the rooms, which I have always thought to be interesting for shoots and Nik once agreed to give it a try. I’m indeed very happy with the results.

I will be posting selected images into the artistic nude gallery soon. In the meantime, make sure to visit the External galleries section.

New photos uploaded

As I’m ploughing through the vast backlog of pictures I had accumulated during the first quarter of this year, I’m starting to upload some new pictures. You may find them under Artifacts, Abstracts and Hidden Colours. There will certainly be more to come in the near future