New photos uploaded

As I’m ploughing through the vast backlog of pictures I had accumulated during the first quarter of this year, I’m starting to upload some new pictures. You may find them under Artifacts, Abstracts and Hidden Colours. There will certainly be more to come in the near future

Trip to Langkawi

Last weekend, we hopped to the famous duty free tropical paradise called Langkawi. Check the gallery for a linked page and let me know pictures I should add to my permanent portfolio here. In the meantime, I’m leaving for Myanmar tomorrow for two weeks and hope to bring some great pictures back.

VH Photo site launch

After seven years of the journey to teach myself photography as a means to put what I really see on paper or screen, I saw that I stopped updating my various free websites and only ever shared links to individual G+ galleries. The result? I was unable to show anyone a more comprehensive view at what I was doing. That is why I decided to get a decent portfolio website showcasing some of the representative pictures from 2007 till now. This blog is going to be used to show galleries of new shoots and a general news outlet regarding my photography.

I’ll be happy if you look around my website and write me if you like something. Also, if you want a print for home, e-mail me and we’ll discuss the arrangements.