I won't call myself a photographer. I used to but then I saw that there is a long path ahead of me. Instead, I say I like to take pictures. Or, when feeling extra confident, I say I like to make pictures.

This site showcases the highlights of my portfolio from 2007 onwards. If I were to define my main genre, it would be artifacts - the small, half invisible things and details in everyday life. Apart that, I also like to make portraits and nudes. 

Having never had any formal education in Photography, I am proud to consider myself a self-taught tinkerer. I only participated in one photo competition (Akty X 2011 - Reflex magazine artistic nude competition) and you can see my entry as the first picture in the nude section. My work has not been commercialized, I create just for my pleasure and to go further down the path of actually realizing my visions of reality around me.

Apart from that, I consider myself an admirer and to some extent a collector of old cameras and mainly lenses which I often use on modern cameras. 

For more information, for arranging a print or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.